August 23, 2010

Steamed Salmon with Asparagus, Turnip, and Brown Rice


I can't always do brown rice. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's just okay, and sometimes it's GREAT. Like with fish. It pretty much goes with any kind of fish. But especially with salmon. Boy, does it ever go with salmon. Tender, nutty brown rice with a bite of juicy, seasoned salmon is one of those perfect combinations. I dare you to give it a shot.

Pair it with some asparagus and turnip to fancy-up your meal, and you're set. Sometimes the best things in life are the simple, easy-to-prepare things. Plus, steaming everything retains more nutrients and blah blah blah etc etc.

All right, enough about my love-love relationship with salmon and brown rice (and veggies). On to the good stuff. Enjoy!


2 salmon fillets
1/2 - 1 cup cooked brown rice
1 bunch of asparagus, with the ends trimmed
1/2 - 1 medium or large turnip, peeled and cubed
The Grub Post Exotic 9 Spice Blend
sesame oil
soy sauce (I used low-sodium)
lemon juice


1. Using an Asian style steamer (where the baskets rest on top of each other), place turnip cubes in the lower basket and start steaming. Allow to steam until turnip starts to become tender.
2. Place salmon fillets on a plate that will fit into the steamer. Drizzle a little bit of lemon juice, soy sauce, and sesame oil on top, allowing them to collect on the bottom of the plate and underneath the salmon. Sprinkle half the 9 Spice Blend on top of the salmon.
3. When turnip is tender but not too soft, add asparagus on top of it. Add the plate of salmon to the top basket. Cook for 10-15 minutes or until flaky. Test with a fork.
4. When salmon is cooked, remove and serve, pouring juices from the steamer plate on top and adding the remaining 9 Spice Blend, if desired. Plate the remaining items, and serve.

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