May 27, 2010

Whisk or no Whisk?

As a featured publisher for Foodbuzz I check out the Daily Specials from time to time. Today, the daily special is an 11-inch Silicone Ball Whisk. If you're curious what that is, you're not alone. I had no idea it was called a ball whisk either. It certainly doesn't look like a ball, though the ends have balls on them. But I digress...

I rarely use whisks myself. I figure a good old fork is fine enough, and it has been for the most part. However, there have been a couple times when I certainly could've used something like it. Like when I made the Healthy Zabaione and Healthy Baked Meringues - a whisk would've been very useful! Basically, any time where you have to really froth up eggs.

You can get by without it, for sure, but maybe (just maybe) life in the kitchen might be a little easier if one were lying around.

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