May 31, 2010

Complete Veggie Dinner + Garlic Bread


The weekend was approaching. We were leaving. And I hate it when good food goes to waste. Absolutely hate it. So many veggies to use and so little time - what's a man to do?

Make a completely vegetarian dinner plus some garlic bread, of course! There were tomatoes, grilled onions, cucumbers, green onions, sweet potatoes, raw mushrooms, and mushrooms cooked in red wine.

I love veggies. I seriously cannot get enough of them, so this was a perfect dinner for me. If I could, I would make 2/3 of my meals more or less completely vegetables/fruit/vegetarian with a huge variety of fresh produce. Magnifique. Enjoy!


cucumber slices
tomato wedges
green onions
sweet potato
white mushrooms, sliced
medium onion, sliced
small French baguette
garlic, diced
red wine
olive oil
sea salt to taste
black pepper to taste


1. Set aside fresh, uncooked veggies (cucumber, tomatoes, green onions, and half the mushrooms).
2. Bake the sweet potato as you would any potato. Stick a fork in it to test if it's done.
3. With a splash of oil, grill the onions until translucent.
4. In a separate pan at the same time on medium heat, cook the remaining mushrooms in a thin layer of red wine until wine evaporates.
5. Lastly, while toasting the French bread, saute the garlic in a couple splashes of olive oil until starting to brown. Spread evenly on bread without making it soggy with excess oil. The bread should be crispy, crunchy, and tasty.
6. Sprinkle on sea salt and black pepper to anything (if desired) to taste.

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