May 05, 2010

Popcorn with Sunflower Seed Butter

Yum's how it should have gone down:

A hankering for popcorn threatens.
The need/desire to combine it with some protein.
Oh, I know. I'll drizzle some melted/watered-down sunflower seed butter (Trader Joe's!) on top and maybe make popcorn balls!

Alas, this was not the case - either too much popcorn, too little sunflower seed butter mixed with hot water, or too watered down. At any rate, I got the taste I wanted (I suppose) but lacked the fun of popcorn balls and also most of the popcorn that came in contact with the sunflower seed butter ended up a little soggy. Eww.

So I need some help. Some tips. Some hints/tricks/suggestions for how to make this work. But here's what I ultimately want: popcorn with a nut butter that doesn't have sugar or regular butter added to it. Anything anyone? I still have that hankering!


  1. I'm feeling your husband and I love popcorn but we are still trying to find a yummy and healthy way to add flavor. Good thought with the sunflower butter...I only wish it would have worked better!

  2. I know! I hope somewhere out there there's a good way to add something to it without making it unhealthy...because I really love popcorn!