October 05, 2011

Homemade Cream Cheese


If you've made labneh or greek yogurt or yogurt cheese before, then you can most likely make your very own homemade cream cheese.

This homemade cream cheese resulted from the leftover whey after making labneh. The whey was still milky in appearance and not that yellow/green hue we've all come to know and love and feed our pets, plants, smoothies, etc. So I tried to strain the rest of the whey as much as I could, and the result was a cream cheese as tasty as any I've ever had. It doesn't even have that yogurt taste to it. Enjoy!


yogurt from whole milk


After making yogurt from whole milk, and making labneh or greek yogurt or yogurt cheese or at least straining the yogurt for 6 hours or more, strain the whey for 24 hours through cheese cloth. If it's still not the right consistency, strain some more or add a splash of whey back in. The result will be fantastic!

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