October 18, 2011

Yellow Watermelon


Local food is kind of amazing, isn't it? We took part in a CSA for the first time this year, and the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables have been amazing. I've had some things through this experience that I've never had before. One of them is that beautiful yellow watermelon above. Perhaps the juiciest, most flavorful watermelon I've ever eaten.

Was it because it was local? Fresh? Yellow? I like to think it's a mix of all those things, and perhaps the extra care the farmer put into it. We also had the best cantaloupe because of this CSA. Imagine the greatest cantaloupe you've ever had. Now stop. This cantaloupe was better than that. Guaranteed. It was like eating cantaloupe for the first time, nothing else before or since has seemed to have any flavor.

Give local food and/or CSAs a try. You'll probably love it.

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