July 28, 2010



We got a gift recently - an ebelskiver pan. You probably know what an ebelskiver is already, but just in case you don't....think of an ebelskiver as a puffy filled pancake. Pretty awesome, huh?

Sure, you can go around using fancy and homemade ebelskiver/pancake batter, but not I. Why do that when all the fun is in the filling? That's where creativity reigns supreme!

For instance, you could do banana in one, chocolate tahini in another, honey and nut butter in another, strawberry jam in another, banana and peanut butter and bacon in another, and bacon and cheese in the last one. Ohhh yeah.

So let your heart and your imagination be your guide. Enjoy!


1/3 cup Aunt Jemima mix (or whatever you prefer)
1/4 water
your ebelskiver fillings


1. Mix the pancake mix and water, folding together.
2. Heat ebelskiver pan, and add a smidgen of butter.
3. Drop one tablespoon of batter into each hole.
4. Immediately drop no more than a teaspoon of filling into the center of each ebelskiver.
5. Drop another tablespoon of batter on top, being careful not to overflow.
6. Flip ebelskivers when able to cook other side. Serve warm and fresh. Mmm.

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  1. Looks like your Aebelskiver turned out really well. They are so delicious.