July 20, 2010

2nd Birthday Breakfast


More delicious birthday breakfast surprises! A complete breakfast, featuring a fantabulous omelette topped with mushroom, bell peppers, feta, and avocado. Sitting beside it is some King's Hawaiian sweet bread, bacon, and mango slices.

There's just something about being woken up to breakfast being lovingly prepared just for you, you know? What's your favorite memory of someone fixing breakfast for you?

Serves 2


Omelette - replace the spinach with green bell peppers.
1 avocado, sliced
4 strips of bacon
1 mango, sliced
2 slices of Hawaiian sweet bread


1. Prepare omelette. Top with bell pepper, mushrooms, feta, and avocado slices.
2. Cook bacon by either pan frying or microwaving (much faster) and pat dry.
3. Arrange bread, mango, bacon, and omelette is a dastardly simply way. Devour.
I'm too lucky :)

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