December 10, 2009

Pumpkin Waffles and Spanish Tortilla de Patata


We have some Pumpkin Waffles and Spanish Tortilla de Patatas cooking up today. The pumpkin waffles are the leftover pumpkin from everything else we've been using and waffle mix. Inspired by our recent trip to Spain, the tortilla de patatas is something akin to an omelette with potatoes, except the ingredients are all mixed together instead of any kind of filling. It's a new and scrumptious way to enjoy eggs and potatoes!

Pumpkin Waffles

You can find the ingredients and directions under our Puffy Pumpkin Pancakes. Add a tad of oil to your batter if your waffle iron tends to stick. Eat these right away so they're nice and crisp.

Spanish Tortilla de Patatas

For two people:


2 eggs
1-2 potatoes, diced
1/4 of an onion, diced (optional)
salt and pepper to taste


1. Diced and cook the potatoes. How you cook them is not too important - just get them on the softer side. What you also want here is about a 1:1 ratio of egg to potato. If you're using onion, dice and grill.
2. Slightly mash potatoes with fork. Break the eggs over them in a bowl and mix well.
3. Add a tiny bit of water to fluff up the mixture.
4. In a small, small pan pour the mixture and let cook thoroughly. When the bottom is cooked and the top is not runny, flip over. Cook until done.
5. Divide in two and add salt and pepper to taste.

There are many varieties throughout Spain, and they vary by thickness and other ingredients like bell peppers, ham, or chorizo tossed in. Experiment until you come up with the perfect Tortilla de Patata. Enjoy!

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