March 23, 2010

Southern Banana Pudding Pie


Not my typical kind of dessert. But it wasn't a typical kind of day.

This hearkens back a month ago to Valentine's Day - wait, this goes all the way back to mid-January when we went to Luckenbach, Texas (middle of nowheresville) for the greatest Texas BBQ I've anyone's ever had. On that trip, after stuffing ourselves full of slow-roasted, -cooked, -braised brisket, pork, and ribs, we were introduced to a little southern hospitality in the way of Banana Pudding Pie.

I tasted it- let it hit all my taste buds. Hmm. Mmm. I like bananas, I like pudding, I like pie. Sold!

Yes, the above picture looks like eggs or some sort of ancient fertility goddess figurine, but despite the horrible photography, it really is something. So step on up and take a swing at Southern Banana Pudding Pie. Enjoy!

Southern Banana Pudding Pie

Yield: Serves 6-8
  • 2-3 bananas
  • 1 box vanilla wafers
  • 1 large box vanilla pudding mix (sugar-free if desired; plus the milk or non-dairy milk for it)
Cooking Directions
  1. Create the pudding mix as instructed on the box. Spread out a layer of wafers in a 9-inch pan. Slice bananas to desired thickness.
  2. Spread the pudding on the "crust". Top with bananas and press them into the pudding.
  3. Chill well. When ready, top with vanilla wafers, slice, and serve.
Alternatively (though I haven't tried this and I think the wafers would get really soggy) is to layer pudding then bananas then wafers then pudding then bananas then wafers and so on until you run out of ingredients. There's also the method of using a graham cracker crust as well. The texture will be different, yet delicious either way.

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